What Are the Differences Between Medicare Supplement Plans and Traditional Medicare?

You may hear some confusion about what are the differences between Medicare supplement plans and traditional Medicare. Here are a few points to think about: Medicare supplement plans allow you to purchase supplemental coverage to the traditional Medicare plan. It provides coverage for certain services that are usually not covered by traditional Medicare. The actual […]

Medicare Supplement Plans

Medicare Supplement Plans 2021 is supplemental insurance policies.  which can be purchased by an insured person, not necessarily a Medicare beneficiary. One may be eligible for Medicare Supplement Plans when the main Medicare plan is not affordable. There are some people who choose to purchase Medicare Supplement Plans 2021 to reduce the amount of money […]

Information About Medicare Supplement Plans

Medicare Supplement plans have been around for decades. When President Kennedy first began to implement the program, it was done in a way that allowed for enrollees to enroll in a plan with a single discount. But in the mid-1990s, Congress implemented new restrictions and the option of selecting a different plan than the one […]

Medicare Advantage Plans 2021

Many people use Medicare and most of them have some interest in Medicare Advantage Plans. If you’re one of them, it’s likely that you’ve considered using one or more of these plans to help lower your health care costs. The current way we pay for our health care costs has many problems. Most people are […]

Medicare Advantage Plans: No Change in Coverage

It has been more than three years since the passage of the Medicare Advantage Act of 2020. Since then, not much has changed other than the fact that many companies have implemented new delivery systems and implemented new benefits to their policies. There is a lot of concern that many seniors will lose coverage as […]